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Kindergarten: WebQuests


Links verified on 3-29-2011

  1. Apple Trees Throughout the Season - Follow Johnny and Arnold though the seasons of an apple tree; grades 1-2.
  2. Are Chickens the Only Ones? - Find out about the different kinds of animals that lay eggs, grades 1-2.
  3. Alphabet Soup -A fun and interactive way to learn letter recognition; grades K-1.
  4. Happy Healthland - Be a detective and try to figure out healthy eating habits; grade K.
  5. Going Buggy - Learn facts about insects; grades 2nd-3rd. (some links dead but the idea can be adapted)
  6. I like Books - Learn to tell the difference in kinds or genres of writing; grades K-1.
  7. Is A Lion A Cat? - Learn how lions and house cats are similar and different; grades K-1.
  8. My Favorite Teddy - Although teddy bears are different from each other in many ways, they also share many similarities; grades K-1.
  9. Oh, Look at the Ocean and Octopi - Learn about the ocean and ocean creatures, as well as playing with octopi; grades preK-1.
  10. Parts of the Plant - Learn the six basic parts of a plant,what they are and what they do; grades 2-3.
  11. Pigs - Learn some interesting facts about pigs on the farm; grades K-1.
  12. Rhyme Time with Mother Goose - Learn about Mother Goose and pick your favorite Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes; grades K-1.
  13. A Quest for Respect with The Grouchy Ladybug - Help the grouchy ladybug learn about herself and respecting others; grades 1-2.

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