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Kindergarten: Listening Discrimination Skills

Listening Skills

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For more Language Arts practice, visit our main Kindergarten Skillbuilders section.

  1. Boogie Band Studio - Listen to the sound and click on the correct friend that makes the same pattern sound.
  2. Can You Follow Directions? - Tina will give you directions. Click on the pictures in the correct order.
  3. Cows Don't Quack - Listen to the sounds and match it with the correct animal.
  4. Hatch and Match - Listen to the sounds as you click on the eggs and find the matching egg.
  5. KidzClub - Select your Book Level 1-3 on the left.Choose a book; words are highlighted in red as they are read.
  6. Orson's Waller Blending- Phoneme Blending - Match word that Orson says to the object.
  7. Phonemic Segments - HayLoft - Click on the object that matches the sounds made.
  8. Get an Earful Game - Figure out the sounds of the disc you help Liz pick up and find the matching picture.
  9. Listen and Match Game - Point to a can, then listen to its sound. Find the can on the shelf that matches the sound.

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