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Select the most appropriate format for writing a specific work-related text (i.e., instructions, directions, letters, memos, e-mails, reports). SPI 0601.3.12

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  1. 16 Rules of Blog Writing and Layout - Blog Rules Vs. Print Rules
  2. Business Email Format - It is very important to follow a correct format of a business email, as it directly describes your personality.
  3. Business Letter: Block Form - from the University of Wisconsin - Madison Writing Center
  4. Business Letter: Indented Form - from the University of Wisconsin - Madison Writing Center
  5. Business Letter Format - a good handout to print for your students An Adobe Acrobat document in .pdf format This link includes something for the teacher to print
  6. Business Letter Format - from the Letter Writing Guide
  7. Business Letter Format Tips - business letters can be subdivided into two basic groups: the block format and various indented formats
  8. Business Letter Formats - basic guidelines for letters and memos
  9. Email Etiquette - Being able to write a professional, business-like email is a crucial skill.
  10. E-mail Format Guidelines - Follow the guidelines below when sending an e-mail message to your professor. This will save time and communicate your questions or comments clearly.
  11. How to Format a US Business Letter - The main formats for business letters in the US are called full block format and modified block format
  12. How to Write a Formal Email - It's not quite the same as writing a business letter, but it's definitely a huge step in that direction.
  13. Technical Writing: How To's, Tutorials, and Directions - Teachers, librarians, and technology coordinators are often faced with the need to explain a procedure or teach someone how to use a piece of software. This type of instruction takes a number of specific skills including technical writing.
  14. Use the Correct Business Letter Format - this guide even includes suggestions for paper, short memos, and business e-mail
  15. Writing the Basic Business Letter - this handout covers the parts of the basic business letter - from the OWL at Purdue
  16. Writing Technical Instructions - How to write a persuasive and useful set of instructions.

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