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4th Grade - Physical Science Topics

4th Grade Science Standards - Physical Science

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Checks for Understanding (Formative/Summative Assessment)

0407.9.1 Physical Properties - Use appropriate tools to measure and compare the physical properties of various solids and liquids
0407.9.2 Physical Changes - Compare the causes and effects of various physical changes in matter
0407.10.1 Investigate Energy - Design an investigation to demonstrate how different forms of energy release heat or light
0407.10.2 Reflected, Refracted, or Absorbed - Design an experiment to investigate how different surfaces determine if light is reflected, refracted, or absorbed
0407.10.3 Translucent, Transparent, or Opaque - Gather and organize information about a variety of materials to categorize them as translucent, transparent, or opaque
0407.11.1 Reference Point - Identify the position of objects relative to fixed reference points
0407.11.2 Motion - Design an investigation to identify factors that affect the speed and distance traveled by an object in motion
0407.11.3 Relative Position - Complete a coordinate graph to describe the relative positions of objects
0407.11.4 Friction - Plan and execute an investigation that demonstrates how friction affects the movement of an object
0407.11.5 Investigate Motion - Design and implement an investigation to determine that the speed of an object is equal to the distance traveled over time
0407.12.1 Electrically Charged - Explore the interactions between an electrically charged object and other materials
0407.12.2 Electromagnet - Design an experiment to investigate how a simple electromagnet affects common objects
0407.12.3 Circuit - Describe how electricity passes through a simple circuit that includes a battery, wire, switch, and bulb

State Performance Indicators

SPI 0407.9.1 Appropriate Tool - Choose an appropriate tool for measuring a specific physical property of matter
SPI 0407.9.2 Mass, Volume, and Temperature - Determine the mass, volume, and temperature of a substance or object using proper units of measurement
SPI 0407.9.3 Physical Change in Matter - Interpret the causes and effects of a physical change in matter
SPI 0407.10.1 Forms of Energy - Identify different forms of energy, such as heat, light, and chemical
SPI 0407.10.2 Nature of Surfaces - Determine which surfaces reflect, refract, or absorb light
SPI 0407.10.3 Opaque, Transparent, or Translucent - Determine whether a material is transparent, translucent, or opaque
SPI 0407.11.1 Position - Describe the position of an object relative to fixed reference points
SPI 0407.11.2 Factors Affecting Motion - Identify factors that influence the motion of an object
SPI 0407.11.3 Speed and Distance - Determine the relationship between speed and distance traveled over time
SPI 0407.12.1 Magnets - Identify how magnets attract or repel one another
SPI 0407.12.2 Charged Material - Determine how an electrically charged material interacts with other objects
SPI 0407.12.3 Simple Circuit - Determine the path of an electrical current in a simple circuit



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