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5th Grade - Physical Science Topics

5th Grade Science Standards - Physical Science

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Checks for Understanding (Formative/Summative Assessment)

0507.9.1 Chemical Properties - Compare the simple chemical properties of common substances
0507.9.2 Change of State - Investigate how different types of materials freeze, melt, evaporate, or dissipate
0507.9.3 Evaporation and Condensation - Use data from a simple investigation to determine how temperature change affects the rate of evaporation and condensation
0507.10.1 Potential and Kinetic - Design and conduct an investigation to demonstrate the difference between potential and kinetic energy
0507.10.2 Explaining Energy - Create a graphic organizer that illustrates different types of potential and kinetic energy
0507.10.3 Heat Transfer - Describe the differences among conduction, convection, and radiation
0507.10.4 Forms of Energy - Create a poster to illustrate the major forms of energy
0507.10.5 Energy Transfer - Demonstrate different ways that energy can be transferred from one object to another
0507.11.1 F=MA - Predict how the amount of mass affects the distance traveled given the same amount of applied force
0507.11.2 Mass, Force, and Distance - Prepare statements about the relationship among mass, applied force, and distance traveled
0507.11.3 Experiment with Motion - Design and conduct experiments using a simple experimental design to demonstrate the relationship among mass, force, and distance traveled
0507.12.1 Force at a Distance - Explain and give examples of how forces act at a distance
0507.12.2 Air Resistance - Demonstrate how the shape of an object affects how it falls toward the earth
0507.12.3 Gravity - Design and explain an investigation exploring the earth's pull on objects

State Performance Indicators

SPI 0507.9.1 Physical and Chemical - Distinguish between physical and chemical properties
SPI 0507.9.2 Change of State - Describe the differences among freezing, melting, and evaporation
SPI 0507.9.3 Rate of Change - Describe factors that influence the rate at which different types of material freeze, melt, or evaporate
SPI 0507.10.1 Potential and Kinetic - Differentiate between potential and kinetic energy
SPI 0507.10.2 Heat Transfer - Use data from an investigation to determine the method by which heat energy is transferred from one object or material to another
SPI 0507.11.1 Mass, Force, and Distance - Explain the relationship that exist among mass, force, and distance traveled
SPI 0507.12.1 Gravitational Attraction - Recognize that the earth attracts objects without touching them
SPI 0507.12.2 Gravity - Identify the force that causes objects to fall to the earth
SPI 0507.12.3 Air Resistance - Use data to determine how shape affects the rate at which a material falls to earth



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