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5th Grade Number and Operations

5th Grade Math Standards - Number and Operation

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Checks for Understanding (Formative/Summative Assessment)


Prime - Identify prime numbers up to 50.


Use Prime Factorization - Use the prime factorization of two whole numbers to determine the greatest common factor and the least common multiple.


Fractions and Decimals - Use visual models, benchmarks, and equivalent forms to add and subtract commonly used fractions and decimals.


Factoring - Use divisibility rules to factor numbers.


Estimation - Make reasonable estimates of fraction and decimal sums and differences.


Mixed Numbers - Add and subtract mixed numbers.


Decimal Point - Understand the placement of the decimal point in calculations of multiplication and long division, including the placement in the estimation of the answer.


Division by Zero - Understand that division by zero is undefined.


Negative Numbers - Explore numbers less than 0 by extending the number line through familiar applications (e.g., temperatures below zero, owing money, measuring elevation below sea level).


Exponential Notation - Use exponential notation to represent repeated multiplication of whole numbers.

State Performance Indicators

SPI 0506.2.1

Write Numbers - Read and write numbers from millions to millionths in various contexts.

SPI 0506.2.2

Prime Factorization - Write the prime factorization of numbers through 50 using both exponential and standard notation.

SPI 0506.2.3

Real World - Select a reasonable solution to a real-world division problem in which the remainder must be considered.

SPI 0506.2.4

Division - Solve problems involving the division of two- and three-digit whole numbers by one- and two-digit whole numbers.

SPI 0506.2.5

Decimals and Fractions - Solve addition and subtraction problems involving both fractions and decimals.

SPI 0506.2.6

Proper and Improper - Add and subtract proper and improper fractions as well as mixed numbers.

SPI 0506.2.7

Equivalent Representations - Recognize equivalent representations for the same number.

SPI 0506.2.8

Terminating Decimals - Write terminating decimals in the form of fractions or mixed numbers.

SPI 0506.2.9

Compare Numbers - Compare whole numbers, decimals and fractions using the symbols <, >, and =.

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