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8th Grade - Life Science Topics

8th Grade Science Standards - Life Science

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Checks for Understanding (Formative/Summative Assessment)

0807.5.1 Classification Key - Select characteristics of plants and animals that serve as the basis for developing a classification key
0807.5.2 Identify Organism - Create and apply a simple classification key to identify an organism
0807.5.3 Environment - Compare and contrast the ability of an organism to survive under different environmental conditions
0807.5.4 Variations - Collect and analyze data relating to variation within a population of organisms
0807.5.5 Biodiversity - Prepare a poster that illustrates the major factors responsible for reducing the amount of global biodiversity
0807.5.6 Change in Biodiversity - Prepare graphs that demonstrate how the amount of biodiversity has changed in a particular continent or biome
0807.5.7 Fossils - Create a timeline that illustrates the relative ages of fossils in sedimentary rock layers

State Performance Indicators

SPI 0807.5.1 Simple Key - Use a simple classification key to identify an unknown organism
SPI 0807.5.2 Survival - Analyze structural, behavioral, and physiological adaptations to predict which populations are likely to survive in a particular environment
SPI 0807.5.3 Predict Survival - Analyze data on levels of variation within a population to make predictions about survival under particular environmental conditions
SPI 0807.5.4 Importance of Biodiversity - Identify several reasons for the importance of maintaining the earth’s biodiversity
SPI 0807.5.5 Compare Fossils - Compare fossils found in sedimentary rock to determine their relative age



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