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6th Grade - Length, Area, and Volume


Find Length, Area, and Volume, and vice versa. 0606.4.15

Links verified on 7/14/2014

  1. Geometry Word Problems: Complex Examples - Problems and explanations
  2. How to Find the Volume of Basic 3-D Figures - step by step instructions
  3. How Do You Find the Length of a Rectangle if You Know its Width and Area? - Online video.
  4. Learning about Length, Perimeter, Area, and Volume of Similar Objects Using Interactive Figures: Side Length and Area of Similar Figures - This two-part example illustrates how students can learn about the length, perimeter, area, and volume of similar objects using dynamic figures This site is interactive and allows students to play a game or input or collect data A lesson plan can be found at this site
  5. Measuring volume as area times length - Online Video lesson
  6. Pilot Activity: Length, Area, Volume - this lesson plan includes shapes to print and fold into cubes to illustrate the concepts taught This link includes something for the teacher to print
  7. Measuring Volume of Prisms - Practice examples
  8. Shape Area and Volume Quiz - use a pen and paper to clearly work your way through the questions in the usual manner before entering your solutions This site includes questions for your students to check their understanding
  9. Understanding the Relationship of Length, Area and Volume: Lesson - Online lesson with practice.

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