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2nd Grade - Spell Simple Words

2nd Grade Language - Spell Simple Words 0201.1.8

Links verified on 12/28/2014

Spell simple words using developing phonetic knowledge, sounds of the alphabet, and simple consonant/vowel patterns. 0201.1.8

High Frequency Words Spell high frequency words correctly (e.g., Dolch list, Dr. Fry list).

CVC Words

Continue to spell short and long vowel words using basic CVC, CVCE, and CVVC patterns.


Alphabetize words to the second letter.


Use primary dictionaries to spell words correctly and verify spelling.

Spell Plurals

Spell regular and irregular plurals correctly (e.g., boy/boys, child/children).
Spell Diagraphs

Spell diagraphs, trigraphs, and blends (e.g., -ea, -ir, -igh, -tch, -sch, fl, bl, br, st).

Homophones Understand and spell basic words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings (homophones- flower/flour).



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