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Select the best summary of a text. SPI 0601.6.6

Links verified on 6/18/2014

  1. Looking for the Fine Print - students read advertisements to practice reading critically This site is interactive and allows students to play a game or input or collect data
  2. A resource for the teacher to use in planning their lessonsNews Quiz Archive - over 50 news stories from the BBC - Choose carefully, not all of these would be appropriate for students.
  3. Paraphrasing and Summarizing Exercise - look at the text below (excerpted from “Expert: Wikipedia Won't Go Away, So Learn How to Use It” by Maggie Morris) and the following attempts at paraphrasing and summarizing. The first four are not adequate, but the last one is. Look at each of the four inappropriate attempts, and decide what exactly makes each inappropriate
  4. Photo Analysis Guide - how to analyze photo elements
  5. Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing - defines each and then tells why and how to use each
  6. Recognising a good summary - There are 3 sentences below. Underneath each sentence are 2 summaries (shortened versions of the sentence). Decide which of the summary sentences best summarises the original sentence. Click on the corresponding check box. Check your answer with the feedback.
  7. Scaling Back to Essentials: Scaffolding Summarization With Fishbone Mapping -complete fishbone maps that highlight the main ideas and relevant details from a cause-effect text; lesson plan [This expired page is from the Internet Archive known as the Wayback Machine.] A lesson plan can be found at this site
  8. Summarizing - interactive lesson and exercise
  9. Summarizing an Article - : For this exercise, identify whether or not each step listed is a good idea by clicking "True" or "False."
  10. Summarize as You Read - When you summarize, eliminate unnecessary details. Focus on the main idea of the whole passage.
  11. Summarising and note-taking - Select one of many passages and answer questions. Good for whole class activity.
  12. Summarizing Text Practice Exercises - Read passage and answer questions.
  13. Text Compactor - Follow these simple steps to create a summary of your text.


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