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History Topics - Fourth 4th Grade Social Studies

4th Grade Social Studies Standards - Governance and Civics


4.5.1 Native Americans - Identify Native American groups in Tennessee before European explorations (i.e., Cherokee, Creek, and Chickasaw).
4.5.2 Tennessee Political Leaders - Identify major Tennessee political leaders (i.e., Andrew Jackson, Sam Houston, James Polk, Sequoyah, David Crockett, and Nancy Ward).
4.5.3 Timeline - Interpret a timeline that depicts major historical pre-Civil War events.
4.5.4 Early Hardships - Determine the hardships faced by early Tennessee settlers in the late 1700's (i.e., security, isolated communities, lack of access to goods, and natural geography).
4.5.5 Reason for Settlement - Determine the reasons for colonial settlement (i.e., religious, economic, and individual freedom).
4.5.6 American Revolution - Examine the events that contributed to the outbreak of the American Revolution (i.e., taxation, judicial process, lack of representations, and quartering of troops).
4.5.7 Constitution - Determine why the United States Constitution was necessary (i.e., no single currency, no judicial branch, no enforcement of laws, and small and large states having unequal representation).
4.5.8 Slave and Indentured - Interpret a timeline that depicts slave and indentured servants coming from Europe to life in North America.
4.5.9 Lewis and Clark - Determine the influence Lewis and Clark's expedition had on westward expansion.
4.5.10 John Sevier - Recognize the accomplishments John Sevier contributed to Tennessee history (i.e., State of Franklin's one and only governor, Tennessee's first governor, United States Congressman, and soldier).
4.5.11 Revolution - Interpret a visual contrasting life before and after the American Revolution (i.e., education, family size, transportation, and politics).
4.5.12 Trail of Tears - Read and interpret a passage about the Trail of Tears.
4.5.13 Louisiana Purchase - Analyze how the Louisiana Purchase influenced the growth of the United States (i.e., increased size, encouraged expansion, and increased natural resources).



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