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Governance & Civics - Kindergarten Social Studies

Kindergarten Social Studies Standards - Governance and Civics

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K.4.1a Citizenship - Recognize that a person is a citizen of the country in which he/she is born.
K.4.1b Environment - Understand that rules are created to protect an environment.
K.4.1c Family Structure - Know that family structures can change.
K.4.1d Authority Figures - Identify authority figures in the home, school, and community.
K.4.1e Rules - Explain how authority figures make and enforce rules.
K.4.1f Voting - Explain the use of voting as a method for group decision-making.
K.4.2a Daily Living - Recognize the need for rules for daily living and fair treatment of others.
K.4.2b Reason for Rules - Identify purposes for having rules.
K.4.2c Laws - Be aware that laws and rules are followed and created by the people, school, community, and country.
K.4.3a Safety - Know rules of safety including signs and signals.
K.4.3b Cooperation - Define cooperation.
K.4.4a Flags - Identify the flags of the United States and Tennessee.
K.4.4b Pledge - Recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
K.4.4c Holidays - Explain the reasons for national patriotic holidays such as Presidentís Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and Independence Day.



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