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Geography Topics - Sixth 6th Grade Social Studies

6th Grade Social Studies Standards - Geography


6.3.1 World Map - Identify the basic components of a world map (i.e., compass rose, map key, scale, latitude and longitude lines, continents, and oceans).
6.3.2 Geographic Forms - Identify basic geographic forms (i.e., rivers, lakes, bays, oceans, mountains, plateaus, deserts, plains, and coastal plains).
6.3.4 Reasons for Locating - Identify geographic reasons for the location of population centers prior to 1500 (i.e., coastal plains, deserts, mountains, and river valleys).
6.3.5 Understanding Maps - Use a variety of maps to understand geographic and historical information (i.e., political maps, resource maps, product maps, physical maps, climate maps, and vegetation maps).
6.3.6 Interpret a Graph - Interpret a graph that illustrates a major trend in world history (i.e., population growth, economic development, governance land areas, and growth of religions).
6.3.7 Early Civilizations - Identify the location of early civilizations on a map (i.e., Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Ancient Chinese, and Indian).



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