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Geography Topics - Kindergarten Social Studies

Kindergarten Social Studies Standards - Geography

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K.3.1a Globe and Map - Explain what a globe and map represent.
K.3.1b Personal Directions - Use personal directions such as up, down, left, right, near and far to describe relative direction.
K.3.2a Places - Identify the human characteristics of places such as types of houses and ways of earning a living.
K.3.2b Weather - Describe how weather impacts daily life.
K.3.2c Seasons - Describe seasons.
K.3.3a Physical Features - Identify the concept of physical features as in mountains, plains, hills, oceans, and islands.
K.3.3b Landforms - Describe how landforms and bodies of water influence where and how people live.
K.3.3c Personal Connections - Describe personal connections to place, especially place as associated with immediate surroundings.



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