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Geography Topics - Fourth 4th Grade Social Studies

4th Grade Social Studies Standards - Geography


4.3.1 Explorers - Identify on a map the routes of Americas' explorers (i.e., Columbus, Balboa, Pizarro, and Desoto).
4.3.2 Geographical Features - Identify and use key geographical features on maps (i.e., mountains, rivers, plains, valleys, and forests).
4.3.3 River Settlement - Recognize the reasons settlements are founded on major river systems. (i.e., transportation, manmade boundaries, and food and water sources).
4.3.4 River Systems - Recognize river systems that impacted early American history (i.e., Mississippi, Mystic, Charles, and Hudson).
4.3.5 Physical Processes - Determine how physical processes shape the United States' features and patterns (i.e., erosion, volcanoes, plate tectonics, and flooding).
4.3.6 Latitude and Longitude - Use latitude and longitude to identify major North American cities on a map (i.e., Boston, Mexico City, Toronto, Charleston, Savannah, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Sante Fe, and Los Angeles).
4.3.7 Population Growth - Determine how density, distribution, and growth rate affected United States settlement patterns.
4.3.8 Environment - Identify cause and effect relationships between population distribution and environmental issues (i.e., water supply, air quality, and solid waste).



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