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Economics Topics - Sixth 6th Grade Social Studies

6th Grade Social Studies Standards - Economics


6.2.1 Barter Economy - Recognize an example of a barter economy.
6.2.2 Major Trade Routes - Identify major trade routes (i.e., silk roads, Persian trade routes, African trade routes, Mediterranean trade routes, and ocean routes).
6.2.3 Nomadic Life - Identify disadvantages and advantages of nomadic and early farming lifestyles (i.e., shelter, food supply, and, domestication of plants and animals).
6.2.4 The Importance of Rivers - Recognize the importance of economic systems in the development of early civilizations around rivers (i.e., Tigris and Euphrates, Huang He, Nile, and Indus).
6.2.5 Trade - Recognize the importance of trade in later civilizations (i.e., Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, India, and European).
6.2.6 Economic Influence - Analyze how basic economic ideas influenced world events (i.e., supply and demand lead to exploration and colonization).



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