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Economics Topics - Fifth 5th Grade Social Studies

5th Grade Social Studies Standards - Economics

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5.2.1 Needs and Wants - Differentiate between needs and wants on a personal and national level.
5.2.2 Boom or Bust - Differentiate between an economic boom and bust.
5.2.3 Credit - Recognize the concept of buying on credit
5.2.4 Economic Data - Interpret economic issues as expressed in maps, tables, diagrams, and charts (i.e., automobile sales, unemployment rates, or airplane production).
5.2.5 Environmental Effects - Analyze how environmental changes and crisis affected the economy across the nation in the 1930's (i.e., Dust Bowl, Black Tuesday, Great Depression, and Hoovervilles).
5.2.6 Credit - Recognize how Americans used credit/installment plans to purchase consumer goods in the 1920's (i.e., vacuum cleaners, washing machines, radios, and other home appliances).



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