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3rd Grade - Earth Science Topics

3rd Grade Science Standards - Earth Science

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Checks for Understanding (Formative/Summative Assessment)

0307.6.1 Solar System Model - Create a model of the solar system depicting the major components and their relative positions and sizes
0307.6.2 Solar System Components - Use a table to compare and contrast the major solar system components
0307.7.1 Compare Landforms - Use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast two different landforms or bodies of water
0307.7.2 Rocks - Analyze the physical characteristics of different kinds of rocks
0307.7.3 Materials - Use a magnifier to observe, describe, and compare materials to determine if they are natural or manmade
0307.7.4 Recycle - Design and evaluate a method for reusing or recycling classroom materials
0307.7.5 Resources - Create a web that demonstrates the link between basic human needs and the earth's resources
0307.8.1 Weather Tools - Select appropriate tools used for collecting weather data that correspond to the atmospheric condition being measured
0307.8.2 Cloud Types - Identify major cloud types and associate them with particular weather conditions

State Performance Indicators

SPI 0307.6.1 Major Components - Identify the major components of the solar system, i.e., sun, planets and moons
SPI 0307.7.1 Classify Landforms - Classify landforms and bodies of water according to their geological features and identify them on a map
SPI 0307.7.2 Classify Rocks - Describe how rocks can be classified according to their physical characteristics
SPI 0307.7.3 Natural/Manmade - Identify an object as natural or manmade
SPI 0307.7.4 Conservation - Determine methods for conserving natural resources
SPI 0307.8.1 Tool - Choose the correct tool for measuring a particular atmospheric condition
SPI 0307.8.2 Clouds - Match major cloud types with specific atmospheric conditions



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