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Earth, Moon, & Sun and Ocean Tides


Illustrate the positions of the earth, moon, and sun during specific tidal conditions 0607.6.5

Links verified 7/25/2014

  1. Animation of Spring and Neap Tides - endlessly repeats from one to the other
  2. The King of Tides - WebQuest requiring students to gather information and draw a conclusion
  3. Ocean Tides - high quality transparency master An Adobe Acrobat document in .pdf format
  4. Tide Curiosities - answers to four interesting questions [including "Why do some places have only one high tide in a day instead of two?"]
  5. Tide Simulator - [select student version and then click on Tide Simulator] excellent animation
  6. Tides - from 'All About Ocean and Seas' at Enchanted Learning
  7. Tides - what causes the tides to change in the ocean [includes good illustrations]
  8. What Causes Tides - from NOAA's Ocean Service Education section
  9. What Causes the Tides - from NASA's SciJinks page
  10. What Causes the Tides - [Flash animation] click on the right arrow to progress through eight animations

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