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5th Grade - Earth Science Topics

5th Grade Science Standards - Earth Science

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Checks for Understanding (Formative/Summative Assessment)

0507.6.1 Planets - Develop a chart that communicates the major characteristics of each planet
0507.6.2 Star Patterns - Use images of the night sky to identify different seasonal star patterns
0507.6.3 Star Charts - Research a star pattern using a chart
0507.7.1 Geologic Events - Create a model to illustrate geologic events responsible for changes in the earth's crust
0507.7.2 Tectonic Events - Prepare a chart to compare how volcanoes, earthquakes, faulting, and plate movements affect the earth's surface features
0507.8.1 Oceans Affect Climate - Compare the climates of coastal and inland areas at similar latitudes to demonstrate the ocean's impact on weather and climate
0507.8.2 Mountains Affect Climate - Use land maps to demonstrate how mountain ranges affect weather and climate
0507.8.3 Weather Maps - Use weather maps of the United States to graph temperature and precipitation for inland and coastal regions
0507.8.4 Weather and Climate - Use local environmental information to analyze how weather and climate are affected by landforms and bodies of water

State Performance Indicators

SPI 0507.6.1 Planet Characteristics - Distinguish among the planets according to their known characteristics such as appearance, location, composition, and apparent motion
SPI 0507.6.2 Planets - Select information from a complex data representation to draw conclusions about the planets
SPI 0507.6.3 Star Maps - Identify methods and tools for identifying star patterns
SPI 0507.7.1 Geological Features - Describe internal forces such as volcanoes, earthquakes, faulting, and plate movements that are responsible for the earth's major geological features such as mountains, valleys, etc
SPI 0507.8.1 Oceans Affect Climate - Describe the effects of the oceans on weather and climate
SPI 0507.8.2 Mountains Affect Climate - Explain how mountains affect weather and climate



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