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1st Grade - Communication Standards

1st Grade Communication Standards

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0101.2.1 Listening Skills - Use appropriate listening skills (e.g., do not interrupt, face speaker, ask questions).


Listen Attentively - Listen attentively to speaker for specific information.


Follow Directions - Understand and follow simple two and three-step oral directions.


Summarize - Summarize what has been heard using the logical sequence of events.


Conversation Rules - Use rules for conversation (e.g., raise hands, take turns, and focus attention on speaker).
0101.2.6 Speak Clearly - Speak clearly, properly, and politely, and recognize the difference between formal and informal language.
0101.2.7 Give Directions - Give multi-step oral directions.
0101.2.8 Group Discussion - Participate in group discussion. Work productively in group discussion for a particular purpose (e.g., respond to literature, solve a problem). Ask and respond to questions from teacher and other group members.
0101.2.9 Retell a Story - Retell a story, describing the plot, characters, and setting.
0101.2.10 Recite - Recite poems, stories, and songs.



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