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2nd Grade - Group Discussion


Participate in group discussion. Work productively in group discussion for a particular purpose (e.g., respond to literature, solve a problem). Ask and respond to questions from teacher and other group members. 0201.2.8

Links verified on 12/29/2014

  1. All Kinds of Feelings - lesson plan - Children work together to create visual representations of feelings to use as catalysts for discussions throughout the year. A lesson plan can be found at this site
  2. Group Discussion Scoring Guide Rubric - PDF file An Adobe Acrobat document in .pdf format [This expired rubric is from the Internet Archive known as the Wayback Machine.]
  3. The Great School Clean-Up - lesson plan - engage the learners in a school wide clean-up event. Learners will be asked to participate and reflect on the activity by creating a heightened awareness of community based environmental issues and how everyone should be good stewards of the Earth A lesson plan can be found at this site
  4. I Will Not Take a Bath - listen to the story as it is read aloud - determine problem and solutionThis resource includes voice instructions for students
  5. The Perfect Pet - Which pet should she select? Listen to the story that is read aloud. This resource includes voice instructions for students
  6. Questioning Mini Lessons - Lesson plan ; the focus is on folk tales and fairy tales, especially Little Red Riding Hood.
  7. The Yellow Gorilla - Why did the gorilla turn yellow? How did he solve his problem? This resource includes voice instructions for students

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