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Foreign Languages - Hebrew

Page last edited 4/30/2015

  1. Alef-Bet - Printable Hebrew alphabet charts which include the Hebrew letters in three formats: block, script, and Rashi. The charts also have the numeric value of each letter.
  2. Hebrew - Interactive game recognizing alphabet letters
  3. HebrewForMe - online vocabulary quizzes
  4. Hebrew Dictionary - free online English Hebrew English dictionary
  5. Hebrew Games - online games
  6. The Hebrew Language - A large compilation of free online resources to learn Hebrew. The site has 16 categories of useful links
  7. Hebrew - Learn Hebrew Dictionary - click on the word for the pronunciation
  8. Hebrew - Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio - Hebrew phrases are presented as images with nikud [vowels]. There are English translations and transliterations and it includes 155 Hebrew study sheets for learning offline.
  9. Hebrew - Learn Hebrew Videos - Hear Hebrew pronunciation for shopping, animals, computers, body, and reading and writing.
  10. Hebrew Videos on Microsoft Excel - Practice your language skills and computer skills at the same time! No audio; written directions to read
  11. Hebrew - Learn Hebrew with Pictures and Audio; a Hebrew audio track provides you with the correct pronunciation of each word
  12. Foreign Languages for Travelers - Choose the language you speak and the language you want to know, then select from the following menus: Basic Words, Numbers, Shopping/Dining, Travel, Directions, Places, Time and Dates. You will also find a dictionary for translating specific words. The strength of this site is that you can hear the words pronounced.
  13. Llingua.ly - A brand new way to learn a language
  14. Your Language Exchange Online Community - Find a partner and practice your second language (any language) with a native speaker who is learning your language.

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