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Reading Disorder

Signs, Symptoms, Behaviors

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  1. Children with Reading Disability - Articles that illustrates how letter-sound processing works, and describes strategies for teaching children this skill.
  2. Developmental Reading Disorder - Causes, symptoms, treatment, prognosis.
  3. Difference Between a Reading Disability and Dyslexia - Although the terms reading disability and dyslexia are often used interchangeably, they differ in meaning.
  4. FAQs - Frequently asked questions on reading disabilities, learning disabilities, and reading difficulties.
  5. Reading Disorder: Common Problems - Difficulties in reading can occur on many levels, and a reading disorder may have several causes that manifest in different ways. Here is a list of common characteristics.
  6. Signs of a Reading Disability - Common signs indicating there's a reading disorder.
  7. Treating Reading Disorders - Defines a reading disorder, who is affected, and treatment.
  8. Types of Reading Disability - Three types that often overlap but that can be separate and distinct.
  9. What Are Reading Disorders? - There are many different symptoms and types of reading disorders, and not everyone with a reading disorder has every symptom.



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