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Reading Disorder

Reading Disorder - Parent Resources

Links verified 1/2/14

  1. 50 Best iPad Apps for Users with Reading Disabilities - Apps that are a great help to students with reading challenges.
  2. Clues to Reading Disabilities - Things to look for in different age groups that might suggest a reading disability.
  3. Evaluation of Children with Reading Difficulties - Evaluating developmental, educational, and family history in conjunction with standardized testing can increase recognition of risk factors for reading difficulties.
  4. Is It a Reading Disorder or a Developmental Lag? - Expert advice on identifying and addressing reading problems in your child's early years.
  5. Parenting a Child with a Reading Disability - A parent explains "the struggles and frustrations their family went through as they tried to tutor their child on their own, and then shares how they accurately identified their child's learning disability, and finally, how they found success." Part 2 of the article.
  6. Reading Activities - Free, fun, and hands-on activities to keep a child engaged in the process of teaching them to read.
  7. Reading and Learning Disabilities - Five tips to help your child.
  8. Reading Strategies - Suggestions and strategies to help children who are experiencing problems with decoding, comprehension, or reading retention.
  9. Summer Reading Strategies - How the help a child with a reading disorder enjoy summer reading.



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