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Irlen Syndrome - Resources for Parents

Parent Resources

Links verified 4/11/2021

  1. Testing and Treatment Methods - Testing and treatments, discussing methods of overlays, colored filters, and lenses.
  2. Defining Irlen Syndrome - Defining Irlen Syndrome, symptoms to look for, and resources.
  3. What If Your Child Doesn't Want to Wear His Correcitve Glasses? - How to win the battle of keeping your child's glasses on.
  4. Websites and Book Recommendations - Websites and book recommendations for learning about IS, helping students accept their challenges, how to adapt their learning environment, and more.
  5. Signs and Symptoms - what to look for in students with Irlen Syndrome
  6. A Sample of What Irlen Syndrome Looks Like on Paper - An example of how some people with Irlen Syndrome perceive a printed page. 
  7. Causes of Irlen Syndrome - Explanation of the cause of Irlen Syndrome and how colors factor into the mix. In addition to treatments offered. 
  8. Sample Visuals of Irlen Syndrome - Sample pictures of what people with Irlen Syndrome see in our regular lives.
  9. Identifying Signs of Irlen Syndrome - A description for identifying and recognizing signs of IS in your child.
  10. Creating a Welcoming Environment - Tips for creating a welcoming environment that encourages success for a child with Irlen Syndrome.



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