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Assistive Technology: Hearing Impaired


Resources for the Hearing Impaired

Links verified 6/1/2022

  1. Described and Captioned Media Program - This educational media is made accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing via captioning. You Tube video
  2. Factsheet For Autism Therapy - picture exchange communication system 
  3. Instructor Fact Sheet - Teaching students with hearing loss 
  4. Pictograms - Downloadable and categorized with help files on how to use them in various application programs.
  5. Picture Cards - Print these ready to use communication tools.
  6. Sign Language Alphabet game - Fruit and Vegetable Alphabet - 3 versions of the game- a bilingual sign language only game, a listening/auditory game and a combination game where children can click on the listen button after viewing the sign language video.
  7. The Signer Development Module - The Signer application is a tool for software developers to add sign language animations to their software with minimal effort. 
  8. Symbol World - Website created by Widgit Software, dedicated to people who use symbols; stories, life skills, learning; also a monthly magazine for symbol readers.
  9. Teaching Strategies for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired - four pages of ideas from City College High Tech Center in San Diego, CA
  10. With a Hearing Aid, a Hearing-Impaired Child Can Hear as Well as You - False! - This page will demonstrate visually how hearing aids work for conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. 

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