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Dyslexia - Signs, Symptoms, Behaviors

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  1. 37 Common Characteristics of Dyslexia - Most people with dyslexia will exhibit about 10 of the 37 traits listed.
  2. Clues to Dyslexia - How to identify and understand typical behaviors of dyslexia.
  3. Dyslexia and Behavioral Difficulties - Common behavioral issues that can manifest with dyslexia.
  4. Dyslexia Symptoms and Signs - Information on how to recognize dyslexia.
  5. Identifying Dyslexia - Numerous examples of how a person with dyslexia might read and how to identify a student that may have dyslexia.
  6. Is It Dyslexia? - Informal assessment with 41 questions. No download or personal information necessary. After taking the assessment a detailed interpretation of the score is provided.
  7. Social and Emotional Problems Related to Dyslexia - Behaviors that a person with dyslexia may experience.
  8. Types of Dyslexia - Provides a taxonomy of the most commonly recognized and discussed types of dyslexia.
  9. Understanding Dyslexia - A view of what it's like to have dyslexia: causes, dealing, and coping.
  10. What is Dyslexia? - Information on how dyslexia is diagnosed and treatment options available.



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