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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

ASD - Independent Living Skills Resources


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  1. Advocating for Students on the Autism Spectrum - this guide discusses issues surrounding the education of students on the autism spectrum, including the rights and responsibilities of parties involved
  2. ASD Social Skills - A list of websites on pragmatic/social skills, identifying emotions/feelings, social stories, and more. 
  3. Autism Resource Center
  4. Autism Speaks: Dental Guide Booklet - For some children with autism, oral health habits can be challenging. This is a guide aimed at providing information to families to help begin a lifetime of good oral care.
  5. Career Guide for People With Disabilities
  6. Cerebral Palsy and Special Education - an overview
  7. Communication Skills - Lots of free activities and printables to help enhance conversational skills.
  8. Creating a Home Where Your Child Can Thrive With a Disability - tips to make modifying a home easier
  9. Daily Living Skills - Printable cards to help promote daily living skills. Cards include areas of personal care, doctor's visits, home and school, personal safety, and more.
  10. Disaster Safety and Assistive Technology: Protection for Seniors and the Disabled - timing is everything during an emergency, and you need to buy them as much time as possible to react independently
  11. Employment Skills - Lesson plan starters for teaching skills one would need on a job.
  12. Fitting Fitness into the ASD Household - Fitness programs to consider for young people with autism to be successful both in the short- and long-term.
  13. Guide to Brushing Teeth - Free poster with a clear sequence of pictures showing how to brush teeth. 
  14. Home Solutions to Cope with Sensory Processing Issues and Sensitivities - a list of tips to be aware of and help alleviate symptoms at home
  15. How Autism Spectrum Disorder Gravely Affects Sleep - for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), sleeping soundly is elusive
  16. Hygiene Charts - Free printable hygiene behavior charts.
  17. Hygiene Help for Children/Teens with ASD - This video offers teachers and parents specific suggestions for improving hygiene.
  18. Keeping ... Special Needs Children Safe Around Construction - safety precautions that seniors, disabled adults, and their caregivers should take anytime they are traveling in or around a construction site or roadway work zone
  19. Morning and Evening Routine Charts - Free printable charts.
  20. Personal Hygiene Teaching Resources for Special Needs Students - pick the specific aspect of personal hygiene you want to focus on and the option to specify the particular format of resources that will be most helpful
  21. Reminder Strips -Helpful reminders on how to do a particular sequence.
  22. Rental Housing Rights for Disabled Tenants - disabled tenants and prospective tenants with a disability have the right to apply for and live in a rental unit regardless of their impairment
  23. Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities - learn from the families of those who have gone before you
  24. Social Behavior - Lots of free activities and printables on understanding social rules and nuances, recognizing emotions, and more.
  25. Social Emotional Skills - Activities and worksheets designed to enhance perspective-taking skills and expand emotional vocabulary.
  26. Special Needs Teacher Resources - curriculum strategies and classroom management for students with different learning needs
  27. Teaching Important Life Skills - Tips and ideas to teach your child independent living skills.
  28. Tips for Teaching Your Autistic Child Personal Hygiene - Some children experience sensory issues related to sounds and textures of tools used for personal hygiene, thus preventing them from caring for themselves. Here is a list of tips to help them develop these skills.
  29. Tips to Declutter and Organize Your Home for Seniors and Individuals with Special Needs - some simple decluttering and organizing can help ensure your home remains a comfortable place
  30. Toilet Training - Guide to special needs toilet training
  31. The Ultimate Guide to Helping Children With Autism Sleep Soundly at Night - 40 to 80 percent of people on the autism spectrum struggle to sleep
  32. Your Guide to Finding Credible Medical Information and Advice - use available online health information to remain educated and informed about health risks and healthy lifestyle behaviors



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