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Assistive Technology: Other Resources

Other Accessibility Resources

Links verified 3/5/2022

  1. Accessibility Technologies in Mac OS X - A wide variety of features and technologies specifically designed to provide accessibility to users with disabilities.
  2. Chess - Play UA-Chess - Can be concurrently played by people with different abilities and preferences, including people with disabilities. (e.g., low-vision, blind and hand-motor impaired).
  3. CLC STAR - Allows users to easily setup preferences for how they want pages presented to them in Firefox.
  4. eMathHelp Math Solver - free step-by-step calculator
  5. Microsoft Guides by Impairment - Each guide provides a list of assistive technology products and links to Step by Step Tutorials for accessibility features that are helpful for specific types of difficulties and impairments. 
  6. Open Source Assistive Technology Software
  7. Technology Guide to Assist Students with Visual Impairments in Meeting Curriculum Goal - This guide provides a sequential framework addressing a range of technology options to meet the general learning expectations from Kindergarten to Grade 12. 
  8. The Future is Here - assistive technology for learning disabilities
  9. Using Assistive Technologies:
    1. Input Devices or Methods Resources for alternative input devices.
    2. Output Devices or Methods Resources for alternative output devices.
  10. Web Tools - Free videos to show solutions on making the web more accessible for people with vision, hearing or other disabilities [
  11. Widgit Resources - Resources using symbols; select the ones that are free; resources to be used by CIP Communicate: In Print 2, Boardmaker files, WWS Writing with Symbols 2000 v2.6 and PDF format.



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