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ADHD: Teaching Resources

ADHD - Teaching Resources

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  1. 50 Tips on Classroom Management - Tips on the school management of the child with ADD.
  2. ADHD in School: Room Set-Up - Tips on how to set up your classroom to help children with ADHD.
  3. ADHD in the Classroom - Tips, strategies, and techniques for teachers.
  4. Behavior and Social Skills - Information for teachers on how to manage classroom behavior and promote positive social skills.
  5. Classroom Accommodations - The benefits of accommodations within the physical and learning environments of the classroom for children with ADHD.
  6. Classroom Interventions: Elementary School Children - Suggestions to help children with ADHD be more successful in elementary school.
  7. Classroom Interventions: Junior High School/High School Teenagers - Suggestions to keep the student organized and focused on completing the task at hand. -
  8. More tips for classroom modifications.Recommendations to help with organizational and attentional problems
  9. Classroom Rules That Work - Teaching strategies that anticipate the needs of children with ADHD and learning disabilities, and boost learning for all students.
  10. Creating Behavioral Plans - A useful classroom management tool for students engaging in inappropriate classroom behavior.
  11. Is it ADHD? - Interactive checklist to see if a child has shown symptoms of ADHD.
  12. Managing the Classroom - Behavioral management system to use with students that have ADHD.
  13. More Classroom Tips for Teachers - A checklist to use in the classroom to help students with ADHD.
  14. Natural Over-The-Counter ADHD Substitutes - 12 best Adderall alternatives
  15. Resources for Teachers - Articles and resources to help with the special nature of students with ADHD.
  16. Teaching Strategies for Students with ADHD - Suggestions and strategies to use when working with students who have ADHD.
  17. Suggested Classroom Interventions - Practical suggestions that can be used in the regular classroom, as well as the special education classroom, to assist students with ADHD and learning disabilities.




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