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Excel 2008 (Macintosh) - Create a Chart / Graph


Excel 2008: Create a Chart or Graph

Step 1 - Reassign F11 - Pressing the F11 key on a Macintosh will minimize all applications, displaying the desktop.
Pressing the F11 key can be used to create a quick graph, but you must first reassign the function assigned to that key.

From the Apple menu, select System Preferences and then select Expose & Spaces.
Click on the right end of the Show Desktop area and select something other than F11. If you want a quick way to see the Desktop select something other than the dash. I use Fn.

Step 2 - Data entry - Enter data collected with your survey. For this example I took a survey of my class asking them to name their favorite fruit. Data can be entered without the headings I entered in row 1.

Step 3 - Creating the chart - Note: this chart will be created without using the Chart Wizard. When data has been entered and your cursor is immediately below the entered date, press the F11 key on the top row of your keyboard.

Step 4 - Viewing the Charts Gallery - There are things that you probably wish to change about the chart. The new Office 2008 allows you to quickly make those changes. As soon as the chart is created click on the Charts tab immediately above the chart. From that tab you can scroll through each of the chart types and make a selection

(This image has been simplified to fit the page)

Step 5 - Using the Formatting Palette - Several areas on the palette can be used to make changes.

Step 6 - Adding a Title and labeling the axes - The Chart Options area can be used to add a Chart Title and to naming the horizontal and vertical axes.

Step 7 - Changing the Chart Style - You may make quick changes to the chart styles or other effects by using the Chart Style area or the Quick Styles and Effects area of the palette.

Finished Chart


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