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Elementary Lesson Planning Template

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Template for Elementary Lesson Plans
Using the Internet within your Curriculum

Use this template to integrate technology into your daily curriculum. Each lesson will have a Teacher Directed Lesson, a Computer Center Lesson, and an Independent Activity that reinforces the skill that was taught.


Curriculum Standard - State the skill to be practiced, or the standard that this activity is addressing. You may also wish to refer to the Standards and Benchmarks database maintained by the Regional Educational Laboratory McREL (Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning). When you are finished browsing either standards page, close that browser window to return to this template.

Title of the Lesson - Include the Title of your lesson here.



Teacher Directed Lesson- Give the web address of the site to be used in this activity. The web address is called a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and usually begins with http://, then, describe your Teacher Directed Lesson below




Computer Center Assignment - Give the web address of the site to be used in this activity. The web address is called a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and usually begins with http://, then, write the directions the student will follow at the site you selected.Give complete directions to your students. Be very specific in your instructions. This paragraph is to act as a stand-in for you. Make your instructions as precise as possible. If you are successful, no students should have to raise their hand and ask. "Now what, Mr. B?"




Independent Activity- This activity does not have to be done on a computer. It can be done in a center or at the student desk. It can be done alone or with a partner. Create an Independent activity that reinforces the skills of the Teacher Directed Lesson and the Computer Center lesson. It could be a lesson using manipulatives, or pencil and paper activities.



Follow-Up Activity - List work that students might do to investigate this topic further. You might also send them to another web site for further practice. This could be a homework assignment or Morning work for the next day. This activity is to reinforce again the skill that was taught.

Click the button below that says "Create My Lesson Plan."
Your lesson plan will appear in the white box below ready to copy and paste into Word.

Copy the contents of the box above, then paste into Word to print.

Thanks to Kristi Sayles for teaching i4c how to make this template work.

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