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Resources for a Health Sciences Classroom


Health Sciences

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  1. Anatomy & Physiology Images
  2. Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology of the Human Eye - posted by Ted M. Montgomery, Optometric Physician
  3. The Basics of Burn Care -
  4. Counseling Career Guide - help to find some of the top counseling careers 
  5. Children's Healthcare Is a Legal Duty (CHILD, Inc.) - a non-profit national membership organization established in 1983 to protect children from abusive religious and cultural practices, especially religion-based medical neglect.
  6. Code of Ethics - Principles of medical ethics
  7. CPR for Infants - good illustrations
  8. Crucial Soft Skills for Nurses
  9. E Medical Assistants - information for students who are thinking of a health career in college or beyond secondary school
  10. Emergency Calls - Tips when calling 911
  11. Emergency Medicine Magazine
  12. Emergency Medicine - Medical Reference
  13. Facts about Handwashing - from HealthLink 
  14. Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body - features 1,247 vibrant engravings?many in color?from the classic 1918 publication
  15. Glossary of Health Care and Health Care Management Term
  16. A Guide to Public Health Careers - Careers in public health go well beyond working in neighborhood clinics and promoting healthy living initiatives. A degree in this field can lead to jobs in law enforcement, education, public policy and so much more.
  17. Handwashing Facts - Eleven suggestions, plus, how to make sure you are washing long enough [Hint: Sing Yankee Doodle] 
  18. Health Career Guide - explore careers in Health Services
  19. History of Health Sciences - Many web sites and information on the past. 
  20. A brief history of American Health Care - Health Care 2000; How it got this way
  21. Human Anatomy & Biology - Information and resources on human biology topics including anatomy, physiology, organ systems and more. (from the About network)
  22. Human Anatomy and Physiology - 19 chapters [ AP Lab ] 
  23. Human Body and Mind - from BBC
  24. Infant First Aid for Choking and CPR - An Illustrated Guide
  25. Patient Rights - rights and responsibilities of patients, clients, and family 
  26. Proper Handwashing Techniques and Hygiene Tips - a guide posted by Cleveland Clinic
  27. Psychology Career Guide - learn about the best psychology careers, degree requirements, and more 
  28. Public Health Degrees and Careers - how to work in public health
  29. Public Health Degrees - over 2000 types of public health degree programs
  30. Public Health Careers - Public Health Career Guide: Public health degrees open doors beyond just the commonly assumed government career path. There are actually a wide variety of settings in which public health graduates may work, as with any degree program.

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