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CCSS.Math.Content.3.OA.A.2 Interpret...

CCSS.Math.Content.3.OA.A.2 - Interpret whole-number quotients of whole numbers, e.g., interpret 56 / 8 as the number of objects in each share when 56 objects are partitioned equally into 8 shares, or as a number of shares when 56 objects are partitioned into equal shares of 8 objects each. For example, describe a context in which a number of shares or a number of groups can be expressed as 56 / 8.

Authors: National Governors Association Center for Best Practices, Council of Chief State School Officers

Title: CCSS.Math.Content.3.OA.A.2 Interpret Whole-number Quotients Of Whole Numbers, E.g.,... Operations and Algebraic Thinking - 3rd Grade Mathematics Common Core State Standards

Publisher: National Governors Association Center for Best Practices, Council of Chief State School Officers, Washington D.C.

Copyright Date: 2010

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