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CCSS.Math.Content.HSA.REI.D.11 Explain Why...

CCSS.Math.Content.HSA.REI.D.11 - Explain why the x-coordinates of the points where the graphs of the equations y = f(x) and y = g(x) intersect are the solutions of the equation f(x) = g(x); find the solutions approximately, e.g., using technology to graph the functions, make tables of values, or find successive approximations. Include cases where f(x) and/or g(x) are linear, polynomial, rational, absolute value, exponential, and logarithmic functions.

Authors: National Governors Association Center for Best Practices, Council of Chief State School Officers

Title: CCSS.Math.Content.HSA.REI.D.11 Explain Why The X-coordinates Of The Points Where The Graphs... Reasoning with Equations & Inequalities - High School Algebra Mathematics Common Core State Standards

Publisher: National Governors Association Center for Best Practices, Council of Chief State School Officers, Washington D.C.

Copyright Date: 2010

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  1. Explain Why the x Coordinates of the Points Where the Graphs of the Equations y = f(x) and y = g(x) Intersect Are the Solutions of the Equation f(x) = g(x). - Students should understand that an equation and its graph are just two different representations of the same thing. The graph of the line or curve of a two-variable equation shows in visual form all of the solutions (infinite as they may be) to our equation in written form. When two equations are set to equal one another, their solution is the point at which graphically they intersect one another. Depending on the equations (and the alignment of the planets), there might be one solution, or more, or none at all. A quiz is provided.
  2. Systems of linear equations: Graphing - Solve a system of equations by graphing: word problems
  3. Systems of linear equations: Substitution - Solve a system of equations using substitution: word problems



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