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Close Reading - Common Core for Lower Elementary


Close Reading - Common Core Links, Resources and Activities for Lower Elementary

Links verified on 9/12/2015

  1. Let's talk About Text - Anchor chart to help students answer critical thinking questions about text.
  2. How Do Readers Know When to Stop and Jot? - Anchor Chart discussing when it is appropriate to jot down notes while doing close reading.
  3. How to Present Close Reading in the Classroom - Close Reading in the Primary Grades - Teacher article: Text Complexity, Raising Rigor in Reading by Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, Diane Lapp
  4. Media Literacy and Close Reading: A Common Medium for the Common Core - Teachers can use literacy strategies to help students make decisions about how and what they learn. Integration of technology and media enhances the development of literacy skills, particularly when teachers model strategy.
  5. Nonfiction Reading Resources - Passages with questions for grades 2-10th. Skill-Focused readings with multiple choice questions to exercise specific skills.
  6. What Does Close Reading Look Like in Kindergarten? - Questioning; Close Reading in Kindergarten using the D level text Bedtime Fun by Barbara J. Newkirk and illustrated by Laura Freeman.
  7. What does close reading look like in Second Grade? - Close Reading in Second Grade using the L level text Under the Lemon Moon by Edith Hope Fine and illustrated by Rene King Moreno.
  8. Reading Closely in Kindergarten - A short video that uses "The Hungry Caterpillar" for close reading
  9. Reading Closely in First Grade - A short video that uses "Helping Out a Friend" for close reading
  10. Reading Closely in Second Grade - A short video that uses "A Sweet Smell of Roses" for close reading

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