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Improve Your Foreign Language Skills with these 5 Apps


Are you looking for one or more applications that allow you to learn languages quickly and easily? As always you are in the right place, dear readers.

In this article, I will list the best applications currently available, with their description. Each application offers unique characteristics and features; I advise you to carefully read the individual descriptions in order to find the one that's right for you.


It is one of the most popular applications on the Android platform for language learning. The great thing about these apps is that the developers have worked hard to create something that was friendly but at the same time allowed concrete and solid learning. Duolingo is one of those that seems to have succeeded best in the venture. The user chooses the language he wishes to learn and proceeds, starting from the basics. An app for those who start from scratch, but also for those who want to refresh their knowledge of their favorite language.

The lessons are (at least at the beginning), simple, designed to allow the neophyte to learn basic vocabulary and to understand the most basic forms of greeting and conversations. The completion of each lesson allows you to add points to your account, and see clearly your progress (and also the points on which it is necessary to work). If you really want to "get serious", you can always switch to the paid version.

Chosen because: Duolingo is excellent if you have to start from scratch, or if you have to refresh a language learned on school desks. A website is also available, as well as offline, but it seems a little too limited. And with the Language Clubs, you can challenge friends or acquaintances and make learning more fun. In short, one of the best on the market


Often those who want to learn a language ... do not really want to learn it. With HelloTalk choose from over 100 languages and get in touch with a native speaker. In fact, you can start learning the language from that moment on, via chat.

The peculiarity of that is its immediacy: you speak for 5 minutes in one language and convert it into another.

We are dealing with a "social" application for language learning. There is no shortage of learning modes of speech recognition, but essentially it is its social quality that makes it different from the others we have seen so far. You can create a group chat, or join an existing one. Or if you prefer video and voice calls: you can do it.

Chosen because: a solution designed for those who need something less demanding and yet capable of providing answers and solutions. Via chat or through video calls. You can choose from over 100 languages.


Among the applications that are not designed to teach a single language, but rather multiple languages, Busuu is the one that has quickly carved out a good portion of loyal users. First of all, it demonstrates a curated interface and a complete and interesting offer of content: exercises for pronunciation, grammar, writing, and the inevitable dialogues. Perfect for the neophyte but also for those who want to re-establish relationships with that language studied at school many years before. The app offers the user a series of courses focused precisely on travel and the situations that can be encountered in reality. You will also have the opportunity to converse with native speakers to better learn the pronunciation. Busuu offers the possibility to download lessons and study them offline (to save the costs of your connection to the Net).

The choice available is huge: you just need to constantly combine the use of the app with the will to learn and gradually improve your language level. After all, you only need a smartphone or tablet to access your favorite course whenever you want, wherever you want!


This application is a bit like the previous one, but there is one feature. The main advantage of this application is the additional features for professional teachers. So, if you are not only a native speaker of a certain language, but also a teacher, this application is a good way to earn extra money by teaching the language to foreign students. Otherwise, the functionality of the application is largely similar to the previous one, but still, this solution looks more professional.

In addition, this application has been repeatedly recognized as the best application in the category of social solutions for language learning. It is suitable for those who can already understand spoken and written language, communicate on simple topics but want to improve their pronunciation and delve into a particular dialect.

And the most pleasant feature is that all these features are free. The only thing you pay for is private lessons with a tutor, but of course, you make this decision yourself. And by the way, here you can find tutors, regardless of your level, plus there is a chance that your tutor will also know a little your native language.


This is the most popular flashcard language learning app. Of course, it is aimed at enriching vocabulary through visual memorization. Moreover, the level of your knowledge is completely unimportant, and the application is completely free. All you need to do is install it, and start learning words plus training your pronunciation through the audio playback function.

The application contains cards for learning 18 languages, and is perfect even regardless of the purpose - you can use it one-time to prepare for testing, or you can make it your daily assistant in learning a foreign language and other subjects. The application has a paid subscription and an extended version, but this is just the case when the free functionality will be more than enough.


Recent trends directly indicate that applications are becoming an increasingly popular way of exploring any material. Use these free technologies created especially for you! We recommend starting with an educational application where you can learn vocabulary and grammar, and then polish your skills with native speakers.

Guest Blogger:

This article was written by Ana Mayer, a project manager with 3+ years of experience. While projects can do without her participation (which means almost never), she likes to read and create expert academic materials for the Online Writers Rating, Best Writers Online review website. Such work gives her the opportunity to write articles on the most relevant topics of today.



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