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Genius Methods to Calculate 10x Times Faster Than a Calculator!

M- Mental A- Abuse T- To H- Humans, that's how students define the calculative subject nowadays. The majority of the students dislike the academic discipline mainly due to lengthy calculations. The situation worsens when they sit for an exam where the magical tool, viz., the calculator is prohibited. Moreover, as per a recent survey, 56.4% of the students believe that math isn't their cup of tea. But sadly, you may like or hate math, but you can't ignore it.

Hello, students! Here's the write-up, which aims to change your perspective towards the subject. This piece of information highlights the best math techniques which will help you to calculate faster than a calculator. Well, the time has come to throw the 'magical tool' out of the window. Happy reading!

Best Math Calculation Techniques that Even Mathematicians Don't Know!

Childhood was an amazing phase when the task of addition and subtraction could be easily done on the fingertips. However, as a student grows older, the fingertips fail to generate the answer. Okay, let us understand it this way- What's 785-251? Obviously, you will take approximately 5 to 6 seconds to get the solution. Moreover, the time will be increased to hours when you resort to the 'fingertip' technique. But, what would be your reaction if someone says to you that you barely need a fraction of seconds to solve the problem? Surprised? Well, the truth has been spoken. After reading this article, calculating a complex math problem will be a cakewalk for you. Does it seem hard to believe? If yes, then start scrolling the page further.

#Tip 1: Multiplying 2-digit numbers

Let us understand this trick with the help of an example, i.e., 34 multiplied by 36. Below are the steps that will help you get the answer faster and prove to be a great homework help:

  1. Multiply the first digit of the first number with the next higher number. Here, multiply 3 with the next higher number, i.e., 4. It will give you the starting number of the answer (12).
  2. Now, multiply the second digit of the first number with the second digit of the second number. This will give you the remaining digit of the answer. For instance, multiply 4 with 6, which will give you 24.
  3. The answer you will get is 1224.
Easy, isn't it? However, there are some limitations to this techniques, which are:

  1. The first digit of both the 2-digit numbers should be the same.
  2. The sum of the last digit of both the 2-digit number should equal to 10.

#Tip 2: Adding 2-digits number faster

Adding 742 with 228 can take a couple of seconds of your life. But, with this simple trick explained below, you can easily add complex numbers at a snap of a finger. Let us use the same numbers to imply the trick.

  1. Round off both the digits. Now, 742 becomes 750 and 228 becomes 230.
  2. Now add the rounded-off digits, 750+230= 980.
  3. To get the final answer, subtract the original number with the round-off digit. For example, 750-742=8 and 230-228=2.
  4. Add both the results, i.e., 8 & 2, which will give you 10.
  5. Now subtract 980 from 10. The answer will be 970, which is the required answer.
And, you thought adding complex digits is tough. Well, the time has come to think again!

#Tip 3: Subtracting a number from 1,000

Subtracting multiples of 10, i.e., 100, 200, 50, etc., from 1,000, is undoubtedly an easy task. But, the problem arises when the numbers are complex, i.e., 578, 873, to name a few. However, you need not worry as the trick explained below will help you big times.

Subtract each number from 9 and minus the last digit from 10.

Let us understand this calculation technique with the help of examples.
Suppose we need to subtract 756 from 1000. Now, let us apply the technique:

  1. Subtract 7 from 9. This will give you 2.
  2. Subtract 5 from 9; the result will be 4.
  3. Now, deduct 6 from 10. The outcome is 4.
The above three steps gave the number, 244, which is the result obtained after subtracting 756 from 1000.

#Tip 4: Multiplying any number by 9

Another trick in the list aims to provide the multiplication result when a number is multiplied by 9. This is one of the easiest methods which will save you ample time. Here's how to apply the method:

  1. Subtract 1 from the number which you wish to multiply by 9. For example, if the number is 5, then 5-1=4.
  2. Now, subtract the number obtained above from 9. That is, 9-4=5.
  3. The above two steps gave us the number 4 and 5, which when combined becomes the answer to the problem, 9x5.
Surprised? Of course, you are, right?

All good things must come to an end, and so is this piece of information. If you are reading this sentence, then you must be well-equipped with some of the best math tricks for faster calculation. Furthermore, you must have also understood that math isn't a subject which should deserve your disliking. Use the tricks and surprise your math professor.

You can now throw the calculator out of the window!!!

Guest Blogger:

Lexi Edwards works at Assignment Writing Services as a full-time assignment writing service provider. Born and brought up in Bristol, Lexi holds a Masters Degree in Math. She is an avid reader and loves to spend her Sunday afternoon at a coffee shop reading novels.



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