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Why Time Management Skills Are Essential for Students

How many responsibilities do students have throughout the day? First of all, they should attend classes and pay attention to the teacher's instructions. After school, they deal with homework assignments. The teacher also recommends them to do some reading and learning beyond the coursework material. Parents also want to inspire students to watch documentary shows, read something useful, and develop their logical thinking skills through various activities.

When does the student find time for all this?

If you look around the classroom, you'll realize that some students are more effective than others when it comes to completing several tasks throughout a day. What are they doing differently? In most cases, their time management skills make the difference.

Why Are Time Management Skills Important for Students?

Research on students' time management showed that students with better time management skills achieved better academic results. In addition to the good lectures they got from their teachers and the high-quality materials they access, the ability to manage their time was an essential factor for successful completion of a program.

All students get the same period of time to get ready for tests and go through a year in the schooling system. The ones who use time management apps and techniques are aware of the deadlines. If they have a project to complete, they will plan progressive stages. They will complete the research during one week, and then proceed with the other steps.

Students who lack time management skills do things differently. They will attend the classes and they will get information about the project's deadline, but they will assume there's a lot of time to complete it. Then, they will procrastinate. They will focus on current tasks, such as the homework for tomorrow. When they realize the big project or the test is due, they panic. Clearly, they cannot achieve successful results in the little time they have.

In that matter, the stress levels a student faces are deeply affected by their own time management skills.

The good news is that teachers and parents can help young students improve their ability to plan tasks and manage their time more effectively. Inspire them by offering few time management tips that are easy to follow!

Simple Time Management Tips for Students

  1. Study Progressively

    A test is less scary when you don't have to study the entire night before it. When the student studies all lessons progressively, they remember more of the information they learn. That's because they have time for spaced repetition.

    They also develop the habit of consistent learning, which is much more effective than binge-studying.

  2. Use Time Management Apps

    What happens if you forget about the deadline for a project or the test's date? You panic!

    If the students already use smartphones and tablets, the teacher should recommend time management apps, such as Google Calendar or Remember the Milk. They will set reminders for important tasks, and the app will notify them before the due date.

  3. Don't Multitask!

    When thinking about better time management, multitasking seems like the one of the best time management tips. It's not. In reality, it's counterproductive.

    If the student wants to watch an educational documentary and do some studying for today, they should tackle one task at a time. If they try to read while watching the documentary, they will only get confused.

    Even simple tasks don't go together. The student shouldn't eat while studying, since that's a distraction, too. One task at a time - that's the ultimate way to better productivity.

  4. Set Daily Goals

    Goals drive the student to greater commitment. The to-do apps we mentioned are good not just for entering test and project dates, but for setting personal goals, too. If the student uses a timeline for all their daily activities, they realize the day has more time to offer than they ever assumed.

    There's enough time for a shower and a healthy breakfast in the morning, doing homework and studying in the afternoon, working on an essay, and still watching the favorite TV show.

    The simple act of writing down goals makes the student more committed to achieving them.

With the Right Time Management Tips, You'll Help the Students Get More Productive

If students learn how to effectively use their time while they are still very young, this skill will persist throughout higher levels of education and their entire lives.

The studying period for students is all about developing good productivity habits. That's why it's important for a teacher to inspire their students by recommending specific techniques and tools for time management.

Author's Bio:

James Dorian is a technical copywriter at Setapp. He is a tech geek who knows a lot about modern apps that will make your work more productive. James reads tons of online blogs on technology, business, and ways to become a real pro in our modern world of innovations.



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