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Spelling Bee Ninja

Upon searching the web for new tools to help teachers with classroom needs, I came across this program called Spelling Bee Ninja. It gives practice needed to help students engage in active preparation for school Spelling Bees. This program specifically concentrates on the needs of Spelling Bee contestants.

I have asked the author of this program to help educators learn how it can help your students increase vocabulary and spelling skills. He has generously included something very special just for I4C users. Check at the end of the post after learning about this program.
-- Susan Brooks

Guest Blogger: Joe Damato

Joe is a system architect, team manager and mobile developer. Freelancer for major ICT companies. Consultant and product manager at SpecialOne Studio. Co-founder, CTO and developer at Spelling Bee Ninja, San Francisco, creating the first self learning spelling bee training system.


Spelling Bees

Every year many American and International schools participate in competitive Spelling tournaments and contests, the so called "Spelling Bees". Thousands of students work tirelessly to achieve good results in their spelling bee competitions, but they are often disappointed with their performances. In our opinion, one of the main causes of this is because students lack the proper training tools. Spelling Bee Ninja is a professional Spelling Bee training system that every student can use for free, along with pro features which are offered at a small fee.

Spelling Bee Ninja is a spelling bee training system that delivers real spelling bee help and has been designed with the precise intent of training students to master spelling bee words. This leads to all of our students becoming serious and efficient competitors. The only thing needed to use Spelling Bee Ninja is a PC or a tablet computer, an Internet connection, and a web browser. You can reach the Spelling Bee Ninja web app at https://mai.spellingbee.ninja/

Registration is free. All you need is a user name and password. The free package allows you to set up one student.Using this account, the student can practice official Spelling Bee words independently. If you have more than one student practicing the Spelling Bee, students can log in as that one student and by the results listed, you can find out what words are causing the most difficulty and which spelling rules need reviewing.

The fee based teacher package account allows 30 students, personalized spelling tests, error tracking and more. This teacher account can be used for everyday spelling practice by inputting your own spelling lists in addition to the specialized Spelling Bee needs.

Text to speech spelling tests

Spelling Bee Ninja offers training sessions that simulate official spelling bees. Once a difficulty level is chosen by a student, the software will select a series of words and verbally announce them. Students type in their responses, which are promptly checked for accuracy. Like in real-world spelling bee competitions, the student has the option to ask the word to be repeated or for the word’s definition. This is to simulate a true spelling bee simulation environment. Custom made word lists can also be used for verbal spelling tests with a teacher account. Students can use this verbal spelling tests to make up tests missed without disturbing the teacher.


Analyze your results and improve your spelling skills

At the end of each test, a report card containing detailed information about results will be shown. The report card will present the correct answers, the percentage score attained, and other statistical data. You can email this result to the teacher, putting the student name into the subject heading to see what each student has accomplished. In the fee based teacher account the results will be saved and misspelled words are automatically added to a special list called "Error List". The Error list is accessible from the student's card. Its purpose is to keep track of the words that were misspelled during that test. Students can take spelling tests using the error list once they have practiced and learned the spelling correctly. This is to assure that they will not make those mistakes again.


Spelling lists

Through Spelling Bee Ninja's search engine, with a teacher account, it is possible to create and save tailored spelling lists. The search engine provides information for each word such as difficulty level and spelling bee statistical data. Through our algorithm, we have analyzed and classified thousands of spelling words. The Official Dictionary contains thousands of spelling words that are classified by school grade (K-8 and above) and difficulty.

Teachers and parents who are passionate about engaging in the learning process can also import their own custom created lists in a paid account.
The import feature can even parse arbitrary text snippets, assess malformed words and special characters,and generate additions to existing lists.

For a more detailed features list please visit the features page at:

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