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How to Have a Restful Vacation And Gain Strength For The New School Year

Finally! It's the end of the term. You worked hard this semester, and you're ready for a well-deserved vacation. Before you make plans, take a moment to think. Were you tired a lot this past semester? Did you have the energy you needed to get all of your work done, and enjoy a decent social life? Maybe you should focus on increasing your energy and having a vacation builds up your reserves rather than sapping them.

Have Fun And Improve Your Eating

Bad eating habits can lead to low energy and make it difficult for you to perform in school. Unfortunately, if you don't know how to cook or only have time for fast food, ramen, and frozen dinners this can be a problem. You can help yourself by taking some time to learn how to cook some quick and healthy dishes.

Many cooking schools and even some grocery stores offer one night cooking classes. These are fun events where an instructor guides everyone through making a few different dishes. Ask some friends to sign up with you and make it a night out for all.

If that isn't your thing, you can check out some YouTube channels and websites. The Brothers Green, Budget Bytes, and Buzzfeed Tasty are great resources for budget friendly, healthy, and easy recipes. There are even cookbooks written especially for students. By the time the new school year rolls around, you will have healthy eating in the bag.

Make Exercise a New Habit

If you are new to exercising and being active, you might think that exercising is tiring. Well, it is at first. However, you will quickly notice that exercising actually boosts your energy levels over time. In fact, it doesn't take very long to realize these benefits.

Here's another great thing. The time you spend on summer vacation is the perfect amount of time to develop a workout routine that works for you. It's also just enough time to turn working out into a habit.

How do you get started? That depends on how much exercise you get now. If you're really inactive and out of shape, you can start with walking and doing a bit of easy yoga. You could also find a gym and get help from a personal trainer. Other affordable options include biking or hiking. Just be sure your routine includes a combination of cardio and strength training for maximum results.

Active Vacations Can be Restful Vacations

You don't need to sleep all day or lounge in the sun to have a restful vacation. It's perfectly fine to be active. In fact, the more sluggish you are during vacation the more sluggish you will feel when you return to school.

The idea is to find a balance. You don't want to exhaust yourself by trying to do too much or staying up all night, every night. On the other hand, being and active and enjoying yourself makes you happy. Happiness in turn results in more energy.

Try to prioritize your activities. Do things that you know you are going to truly enjoy with people that you like. Then, don't feel obligated to do things that just aren't all that enjoyable. You can use that time to rest or follow one of the other productive suggestions here.

Take a Class to Reduce Your Load

How does your course load look for the new school year? If it's going to be intense, you might consider taking a class over your vacation. Many schools allow students to take a class or two in the summer. You may be able to replace those classes with study halls in the fall, or arrange to leave campus early. Some students use this spare time to get in a few more hours of work each day.

Be aware that summer school classes run longer each day and are often more intense because you have less time to learn the material. However, if you have plenty of spare time it can be a good option that guarantees a less stressful school year. Also, because classes are small, it can be easier to get academic help in summer school.

Don't go Off Schedule Too Much

It's vacation time. Of course you're going to stay up late and sleep in. That's only natural. Enjoy it! Just don't go overboard. Sleeping until 10 when you normally get up at 8 isn't that big of a deal. You can adjust from that in a few days. On the other hand, if you're dragging yourself to bed at 3 in the morning after playing video games all night, and waking up at 2 in the afternoon, you could be in a world of hurt.

If you do get your schedule completely out of whack, consider setting an alarm clock during the week or so before school starts. You can adjust the alarm thirty minutes each day until you are getting up close to your normal time.


Fill your break with activities you enjoy. Get active and eat well. Don't be a slug, and try to stick to a schedule. Remember that doing a bit of work over your vacation can make the new school year much easier. Follow this advice, and you are certain to get a great start when school resumes again.

About the author: Ashley Kornee is a blogger and freelance writer. She always tries to write about ordinary things in a creative way. She is now working on getacademichelp.com. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.



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