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7 Educational Youtube Channels for Your Primary Students.

Teaching is easier when you have fun tools to supplement your lessons. Videos help learners understand concepts in a very different way than standing in front of the class or even reading books. Use these educational Youtube channels to stimulate your students and help them absorb the day's lessons.

#1. Hoopla Kids Edu

Hoopla Kids Edu - Educational Videos for Kids has nearly 41,000 subscribers and posts several new videos each week. Topics range from learning colors, to ABCs, to opposites and beyond. This channel is sure to help your early learners with a range of topics using fun and engaging music and images.

#2. Hazel Rabbit

Hazel Rabbit - Kids Songs and Baby Nursery Rhymes posts many original and classic songs that kids can get in tune with. Sing about everyone from superheroes to Santa Clause with the creators of this channel. Your Pre-K through 3rd grade students will enjoy the sing-alongs as a class.

#3. Baby Joy Joy

Baby Joy Joy - Early Learning (Kids Songs, Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs) will appeal to the same audience as Hazel Rabbit. But, here, you'll find original, colorful animations for many classics such as "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Humpty Dumpty." The new videos, posted monthly, are fun, educational, and kid-friendly.

#4. #Education

The #PrimaryAndSecondaryEducation section of Youtube's #Education channel is filled with interesting topics for older grade-schoolers. Need help showing how cell cycle and mitosis works? Or, would you like to explore something more serious, like whether or not aliens exist? Whatever it is you want to adventure into with your students, this channel has you covered.

#5. Brain Candy TV

Brain Candy TV uploads a new video every two weeks, with topics ranging from the basics like colors, letters, and animal names, to more advanced subjects like our solar system and how big the Universe really is. Use this channel to journey into the unknown with the inquisitive learners in your class.

#6. Khan Academy Early Math

Khan Academy Early Math begins with simple concepts like counting and addition. As your learners advance, so will the videos you can find here. You can supplement subjects like geometry, place value, and measurement data with the videos you find here.

#7. Art for Kids Hub

Art for Kids Hub might help you make up for the lack of art funding in the school system currently. Here, you can find easy ways to teach kids art concepts and then apply them in the classroom. This is one of the most popular art channels for kids on Youtube, with almost 563K subscribers.


No matter what topic you want to teach and learn with your kids, Youtube has you covered with videos to aid your efforts. Try one of these channels today, and watch your kids get excited about learning. You'll probably be able to come up with new ideas for lessons after you see how many topics are actually available. The best part is that they're all free - no subscription is required to learn with your students.

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