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Tools That Will Make Your Studying Easier and More Effective

Every student wants to get good grades in school. But let's face it, sometimes it can be really quite challenging especially when you have to listen to a lecture, read books and do tons of assignments. Why stress out yourself too much if there are ways for you to boost your grades without exerting too much effort? Hard work is definitely essential but working smart is much better. Getting good grades involves a lot of learning and like any other skills, they can be acquired. Given the right mind-setting along with the use of tools to make your studying habits more effective, you can earn the highest grade possible. Even the smartest student in your class spends a lot of time studying. With the use of creative and innovative tools readily accessible online, you can compete and aim for good grades.

Study Guides and Strategies

Specifically created for students, parents, teachers as well as the support professionals, study guides and strategy tools have a lot of use and function. From simplifying your studying habits to managing your time, these tools are designed to empower all leaners without discriminating their nationality, religion belief, race, gender, or sexual orientation.


StudyBlue is a learning network that empowers over seven million learners to learn any given subject. Who says learning cannot be fun and interactive? With StudyBlue, you can connect with the other learners through a shared study library that has over two hundred and fifty million pieces of generated content. The study network combines knowledge of the crowd, thus making it pretty simple to master a lot and anything from mathematics to chemistry to Chinese.


Zotero is an easy to use research-tool, which is free of charge and that helps you find, organize and analyze your research and additionally share it in various ways. This tool includes the best parts of older reference manager software, that is, it saves the author, publication fields and title and exports all the info as formatted references - and the greatest aspects of internet applications and modern software, like the ability to create, tag, and search in more advanced means.
Zotero perfectly interacts with online tools and once it notes that you are reading a post, an article, viewing a book or other items online, it will automatically cut and save the whole bibliographic references. It effortlessly passes information from web services to applications, and also runs both as an online and offline service on your own personal devices. This is the only tool that automatically detects content in your browser.
Zotero collects your research in a single interface. You can add pictures, PDF, audio and video files, and essentially anything else. The tool automatically indexes full content of your library, thus enabling you to find precisely what you are searching for with only a few keystrokes.


If you are having a hard time drafting an essay for school, have a professional writing company help you. A-writer believes in giving learners an opportunity to reach their different goals. A-writer writing strives to provide learners with high-quality essays, thus helping them improve their essay writing skills.


Flashcards are cards that have information in either word or number form and can be flipped both sides. This type of a tool is most commonly used in a private tutorial session or even at times at classrooms. They act as a guide to the student and further provide information that will be hard to erase in the event of an exam.


Bench Prep is a tool that strives to help millions of people across the globe to learn much better and faster. This is best done by controlling the power of technology, data, and advanced instructional design models. BenchPrep offers interaction and engagements as it would have been in a normal class set up.

Study jams

These are basically songs that have been composed from a certain lesson or a formula for easier reference. Students who have a hard time memorizing can easily remember the lyrics of a song than a lesson at a class which Study Jams really useful. The jams can always be hummed in an exam room and getting the answer is way much easier.

The above-mentioned study tools go a long way in boosting your grades. Using them makes everything much easier than memorizing, perhaps, out of a book. With enough commitment in using the tools, your efforts will certainly not go unrewarded.

This month's contributor is:

Amy Cowan - an educator and freelance writer from Australia. She is fascinated about technology in education and always ready to help her students to choose the right tool.



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