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Preparing for Standardized Testing/Easing the Stress

April brings the heaviest part of the standardized test season to most school districts. Natural questions arise: How to best prepare? How to best help students take the stress out of the testing process? Is there a better way than “drill and kill?” Here are some resources that may help:

Make a point to check I4C’s Assessments and Testing page. From classroom timers to sample tests and beyond, this is a good place to begin. Be sure to drill down into the pages below this sectional navigation page.

Suppose that you’ve just assessed your student’s math skills. If your students need help on specific math skills, try focusing on a little repetition with either our Online Practice Quizzes or our Printable Worksheets. These are aligned to the Common Core standards to target specific skills. Practice makes perfect!

Scholastic has an informative article compiling the Top 5 Ways to Prepare for Standardized Tests. Ideas that are shared include: Sweet rewards, game shows, pretend monetary rewards and stress reduction tips.

Matt Levinson has a blog on Edutopia.org that is geared toward motivating older students through various forms of play: question construction, flip the questions (like Jeopardy), no-stakes reviews, modern quiz shows, test building, and arguing the merits of the question.

Heather Wolpert-Gawron has another blog on Edutopia.org that covers other test taking strategies, including the importance of bubbling as a skill. Check it out.

Want to make a bubble form answer sheet for your next quiz or test? Go to the bottom of our Science, Social Studies and Test Prep Resources page and you'll find a link there.

Elizabeth Lovelace has a great Pinterest Pin of a simple yet effective letter to parents for the week before testing begins. Get many more great ideas by searching “standardized testing” on Pinterest.

Maybe you are a parent looking for some guidance for your child as test time draws near? Colorin Colorado has a compilation of ideas just for parents.

About the Author

Bill Franklin, the CEO of Internet4Classrooms, is our guest blogger this month. He has been on the faculty at The George Washington University, was a career Army Special Operations officer and also coaches in the Collier County school system.



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