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Glogging for Frogs

by guest blogger Tracy Hanson


This month we have a guest blogger. Her name isTracy Hanson. She is the developer of K12 Next Generation, LLC, a new virtual school district working to develop an academically rich learning environment through the tools of technology. Her motto: "Quality Education for All Children; Anytime, Anywhere." 
What you are about to click on is not a "blog."  It is a "GLOG."  A glog can be defined as a digital poster, incorporating lessons, videos, and any links you want to provide, on one digital page. 

Take a look at her featured April Glog, celebrating National Frog Month, and let us know what you think of the format! Would you like to teach your students in this style? Would you like to learn how to do this? We would love your feedback. Enjoy!

April celebrates many things but did you know that it also celebrates FROGS!  That's right, April is National Frog Month.  So what IS the different between a frog and a toad?  Do you remember those days when you had to dissect a frog?  Yuck!  What stories can you remember that had a frog in it?  Do you ever sit outside on a spring evening and listen to the frogs sing?  You can do that and many other things with this months featured Glog about Frogs.
-Tracy Hanson, K12 Next Generation, LLC





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