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Starting Off On A Good Note

by Internet4classrooms.com

We've all thought about it once or twice, especially now that it's August. You're thinking, man, in a couple of weeks it's back to the grind and back to the classroom. And you may have let out a sigh or groan as you thought it. No one likes ending a summer vacation! But it's also nice to get back to the smell of new pencils and paper.

You're getting your lesson plans organized and outlined. You're getting to your classroom and setting up your room just the way you want it. You've got the seat assignments all mapped out. Your bulletin boards are being created with love. Workstations, centers, and computer stations are being cleaned with pride. You know how you are going to greet your new students. You know how you are going to explain the classroom procedures and rules, and where they should put their supplies. You may even give them their first assignment (whether it be making their own name tag, playing a circle game, describing their summer, describing themselves in one sentence, or naming an animal that best describes them.) And once you feel you are as prepared as you can possibly be, remember this:

It's a fresh new year! It's another year of hope. It's another year of building futures and bigger dreams. Will be there rough days? Sure. Will you have tired moments? Of course. Don't forget that I4C has a hugeBack to School Sectionwith teacher tools, where teachers and parents alike can find tons oflesson plansclassroom organizational help,planning tools,bulletin board ideas, andgrade level help.

On day one, consider bringing this kit to class to get you through the first day back.

1) A toothpick - for reminding you to pick good qualities in every student.
2) A key - to let you know you open the minds of countless children
3) Clay - a way to remember you can mold social and ethical values in your students.
4) A rubberband - to be flexible, especially on the first day.
5) A puzzle piece - to remind you that you are part of something bigger in the end.
6) A mini-handheld fan -to blow away those negative thoughts or doubts
7) Chocolate - a sweet treat to eliminate your stress
8) One marble - to keep in your pocket when you think you're losing all of yours.
9) A mint - revive that sore throat after talking so much.
10) Two Aspirin - when all else fails take 2 and start fresh in the morning!

Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you. - Madeline Bridges

Sandwich every bit of criticism between two thick layers of praise. - Mary Kay Ash



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