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Achievable Dreams

by Internet4classrooms.com

It's no secret that this month Oprah is ending The Oprah Show after 25 years on air. Her final episodes include the lessons she's learned and her favorite and most influential guests. Her favorite guest of all time was a woman who overcame her painful circumstances and fulfilled her dreams. Dreams of which she wrote on a piece of paper, put in a tin, and buried under a rock where they'd remain for years and years. Dreams that included moving to America, getting an education, and receiving her PhD. When she went back to her hometown of Zimbabwe and dug up that tin, she could say that she met every single goal. And she fulfilled those dreams because she was told it was achievable.

Too often our desires are seen as unattainable. How many times do we make lists, or write down our goals, and it never gets farther than that piece of paper? Do you believe every one of your dreams is achievable?

As the school year comes to a close, and summer break begins, think about your achievements. Did you accomplish everything you wanted? What do you envision for the next school year? Don't just state your goals. Plan how you are going to fulfill them. Have your students do the same thing. It may sound silly, but have your students bury their dreams in their backyards. Let them go back a year from now and see just how much they can achieve when they strive to succeed.

When you see that you can accomplish what you set your mind to, the sky is the limit on what's considered achievable.


                                                                    Video courtesy of  DailyRiser.



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