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Counting Money Practice for Test Prep


Money Resources for Test Prep

Links verified on 10/8/2015

  1. Adding Nickels and Pennies - find the sum of the coins
  2. Adding Dimes and Pennies - find the sum of the coins
  3. Adding Dimes, Nickels and Pennies - find the sum of the coins
  4. Change Maker - Figure out how many of each bill or coin that you expect to get back when you pay for something. Select Easy for problems involving less than $1.00
  5. Counting Change - a match game, counting coins to find amount of change and matching it with numerical number
  6. Counting Coins - the collection of coins may sometimes be up to $2.00
  7. Counting Coins - choose your level of difficulty - customize amounts - from FreeMathTest
  8. Counting Coins Worksheets to print are available from Free Math Test This link includes something for the teacher to print
  9. Discovering Coin Values - a target amount is given and students drag coins to the slide to equal that amount [values over $1.00 used occasionally]
  10. Free Money Worksheets - [3 free worksheets] several topics of money worksheets from Super Teacher This link includes something for the teacher to print
  11. How Much Money is This? - count by 10's (dimes) up to $1.00
  12. Let's Count Money (introduction and instructions) followed by a quiz - coin value problems occasionally display amounts greater than 50 cents but never more than $1.00. This site uses both sides of the coins! [caution: some of the reverse side coin images are slightly smaller]
  13. Lunch Lady - The Lunch Lady (you) must total the three items on ten lunch trays (one at a time) in three minutes. [Advanced, amounts up to $5.00 used ]
  14. Money Flashcards - Coins and bills, or just coins, are displayed and students determine the value. Best used as a whole class review; this is not a game with an end. Occasionally values greater than $1.00 are displayed.
  15. Scottie Nickel's Change Maker - become a human CoinStar machine - Calculate the total amount of change the customer has. Next, think of a way to make $1.75 with as few coins as possible.
  16. Spending Spree - Pick the item that you would like to buy. Then choose the correct amount of coins you need to pay for that item. This game has 10 questions.
  17. Tutorials - select the coin (or combinations) you want your students to practice [This expired link is available through the Wayback Machine Internet Archive. If the page doesn't load quickly click on Impatient? at the bottom right of the page.]
  18. U. S. Coins (printables from Enchanted Learning) - Scroll a bit more than halfway down this page until you see Adding and Subtracting Coins (Printouts). Look below that to see about six dozen printables of various difficulty. This link includes something for the teacher to print

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