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3rd Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Telling Time - CCSS 3.MD.A.1

Links verified on 12/23/2015

  1. Bang On Time - Read the time in words then stop the clock when the hands reach the right time.
  2. Beat the Clock - Interactive time game. How fast can you beat the clock? Set the timer to find out!
  3. Bedtime Bandits - (students try to stay up as late as possible by blasting killer clocks that drop from the ceiling) After each stage, identifying the correct clock gets harder and harder. Eventually, students have to blast the clock that is "4 hours and 15 minutes past 2:30", for example.
  4. ClockWise and Matching Time - Select these two activities to practice telling time.
  5. Clock Works - [use challenge level] Select hour and then minute by clicking on the clock.
  6. E-Lab: Elapsed Time - [designed for 4th grade] Use an analog clock to measure elapsed time.
  7. Elapsed Time - Online quiz; Word problems
  8. Elapsed Time - Online quiz; Word Problems: Time to Minutes Within Hour
  9. Elapsed Time - Tell how many hours and minutes pass during an activity.
  10. Elapsed Time - Quia Quiz. Determine the amount of time that has elapsed between two time periods.
  11. Elapsed Time - Practice finding the elapsed time when given a starting time and an ending time. Elapsed Time is one of the Interactivate assessment explorers.
  12. Elapsed Time - Show what time it will be in a given the number of minutes.
  13. Elapsed Time - Select the answer to the question to determine the elapsed time.
  14. Elapsed Time on a Clock - An E-Lab activity from Harcourt School Publishers (rated for 4th grade ). Use an analog clock to measure elapsed time.
  15. Is It PE Time? - Use a chart (table) to solve problems.
  16. Right Time - Explore the meaning of AM and PM while they tell time to the hour and half hour.
  17. Stop the Clock - Match digital time to analog clocks, or written time, by dragging the digital clocks, or written time | to the nearest hour | to the nearest half hour | to the nearest fifteen minutes | to the nearest five minutes
  18. Telling Time - Draw a line between matching items in each column.
  19. Time Match - Concentration style game.
  20. Time To Go - Tell time to the half hour. [hour and half hour only]

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